Cloorah & Pigland

Early Development

Pigland starts off with Riverfield (a neighborhood) and the Minecart Highway.Its 1st park is Jungle Park.King Piggeh lives in an emerald house,because a palace has not been built yet.


Left:Danger Tower  Far left:Parkour Tower  Right:Piggeh’s House

Center:Jungle Park and wooden Gazebo

Cloorah,on the other hand,has a palace in the nether.Cobluk,Cloorah’s capital,is gaining skyscrapers and walls.2014-01-20_18.43.23The palace is a nether fortress.But King Dawgie lives in a house in a hole in the nether.Here is Dawgie’s house.2014-01-20_18.36.14Here is Dawgie’s palace.As you can see,it is a nether fortress.


The Border

The border is the land between Pigland and Cloorah. It is a mix of both kingdoms,nature from Pigland,and rocks and lava from Cloorah.It is often used as a battlefield,even though no wars had started yet.Most importantly,nobody ruled it.Here it is:


Pigland in the nether

Early in Pigland’s development, a nether portal was built by the Minecart Highway.It brought Pigland development and buildings into the nether.Here is early Pigland in the nether.It is part of Grahamtown.

2014-01-22_18.58.27Meanwhile,Cloorah created a town called Dawgieton.It contains “Dawgie” houses.They are made of sandstone,and go up to 10 floors tall!Here is a picture:


Meanwhile,Pigland palace was created.It is a tree palace.A jungle tree, to be exact.Around that time,a rumor went around saying that ruins of great cities had been found far away.Nobody knew if it was true.They also didn’t know a 3rd kingdom (Wuboo) was growing near the ruins.


Wuboo,the 3rd kingdom

Far off,at about:     x 26000 y56 z-37900 was Wuboo.Wuboo was a grassy kingdom.2014-01-25_10.36.53It was very small.Most of all,it was unknown to the Piglandians and the Cloorish.

Pigland’s official Palace

Way far off, back in Pigland,an official palace was made.It has gold,iron,diamonds,quartz,glowstone,plants,beacons,and emeralds.Now Pigland City was the biggest city ever.


Pigland was expanding rapidly,but Cloorah wasn’t.It was getting scarier.

Floating around Cobluk were Ghasts.And inside was even scarier.The city itself had Blazes,Magma Cubes, and Zombie Pigmen.It was like the over-world’s nether.Here’s a picture:

2014-02-02_14.12.41(Ghasts are huge flying TNTs in this resource pack.)

Primary Bar2

The Cititon Age

Pigland did not own its amazing castle for long.As soon as King Dawgie found out about it,he immediately claimed it for Cloorah,as well as the lake the palace was on.Now half of Pigland was already under Cloorish control.A park,Food Park, was built on the side of the lake.